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Lac Myvatn 1 Lac Myvatn 2

Hommage aux frères de Limbourg.

I visited this area  on a very clear sunny day. The silence, the vividness of the colours, were something to remember.


fumerolles, solfatares et diverses marmites de boue; et dans l’air une très forte odeur de soufre

I was  fascinated by the fantastically drawn clouds.



Ice on the path 1 Ice on the path 3 Ice on the path 2

Ice on the path 4 watercolour on paper / aquarelle

Siglufjordur, le 10 septembre 2011

Rain Series 3 Rain Series 2 Rain Series 1

what disappears
remains standing still
behind lines, hands and fragments
never ceases to exist

Adalsteinn Asberg Sigurdsson in Black Sky translated from the Icelandic

somewhere there is you
who listens…

Adalsteinn Asberg Sigurdsson in Black Sky,

Night in Siglufjordur

« Mountains are the strongest sculptures on Earth. As stable as they are, their look is ever changing through the day: the shadows in the ravines; the subtle grey nuances of moses and lichens become more vivid after showers of rain; the large blankets of snow change shape as the warm southern wind melts them. »

in Waiting for the South Wind by Valgardur Egilsson

first snow in siglufjordur

Herhusid an inspiring and tranquil place to work in Siglufjordur.

le chemin vers la chute d’or est splendide. Les cascades? Et bien il faut les voir, les entendre rugir, se laisser mouiller en s’approchant sur les pierres glissantes et noires..

Nadine Arrieta - Visual Explorer