Artist Residency, Canada 2022

I was invited on this fantastic artist residency by the Pouch Cove foundation.
August and September 2022 in Pouch Cove, Newfoundland to work, work, work and mingle with amazing artists from different parts of the world as there are 8 self-contained studios with a huge working space, kitchen, bathroom and bedroom. It is such an important time for an artist to be able to experiment and dive head on in one’s practice with the inspirating exchange of ideas with one’s peers.

Invitée par la Pouch Cove Foundation pour une résidence de deux mois à Terre Neuve, Canada. Une expérience particulièrement importante que celle de pouvoir travailler et expérimenter comme on le veut. Et les échanges avec les autres artistes, venus du Canada des États-Unis, d’Argentine, du Royaume-Unis furent si enrichissements !


Nadine Arrieta - Visual Explorer